#AxeDrax Welcome Call: Taking Direct action against burning trees

Friday 10 June


This event is online.

Axe Drax welcome Call: Taking Direct action against burning trees!

Join Axe Drax for an introduction to Drax, the UK governments most ridiculous climate wrecking projects that burns millions of trees annually. We'll cover the current state of climate emergency, the lies of the government and business, and how we can take action to win.

About Drax

Drax makes claims about bold aims of becoming the first carbon negative power station by... burning forests. Since 2015, Drax has been burning more wood than the UK produces each year, making it the UK's single largest carbon emitter.

The (failed) logic behind this is that there is no difference between trees dying and rotting than entire forests being clear-cut by huge machines, compressed and dried in huge factories, shipped across the Atlantic ocean, delivered to Drax and be incinerated at a rate of ~ 400kg per second. We'll let you make up your own mind on that one!

In fact, on their own website , Drax quotes their carbon emissions as 12,795 ktCO2e... yet they also admit that CO2 emissions resulting from generation are miraculously counted as zero on paper. Despite the fact that the EU regulations that permit this practice were protested in this letter signed by over 800 scientists.

Who are Axe Drax?

We are the part of the Stop burning trees coalition. We focus on mass protest and direct action. Notably, recently we doused orange paint upon the department for Business, Energy and Industrial strategy, who allow Drax to shamelessly profit from renewable subsidies that could instead be allocated to genuine renewables like wind and solar. By 2027, BEIS would have gifted £10 billion to Drax. Believe it or not, these renewable subsidies come straight from our energy bills!

And in November last year, as COP26 was coming to a close, an Axe Drax activist targeted Drax's supply chain in a brave protest that halted the Drax train.

It is time to Axe Drax!

We are fed up with Drax's corporate scam. We will not stand by whilst Drax ravage our planet, devastate communities and destroy our futures. We will not tolerate our government's acceptance of false solutions. But in order to win, we need your help!

If you want to find out how to take action and be part of the movement to Axe Drax, join our welcome call!  

See you there!

Axe Drax