Biomass & Drax Power Station - Trade Union briefing

Tuesday 19 April

Clara Paillard, zoom, zoom, GB, zoom

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Drax power station in Yorkshire is UK's single biggest carbon emitter yet is in receipt of millions of pounds of renewable energy subsidies. The pellets Drax burns, despite its claims to the contrary are made from whole trees and are driving the clear cutting of forests in the Southern US, Canada and the Baltic states with impacts on biodiversity and the communities living nearby. The pellet mills which process the wood, mainly sited in poor communities of colour, are a source of pollution with negative impacts on the health of local inhabitants and workers. Biofuelwatch, Axe Drax and others have been campaigning to end this dreadful situation.

In the light of the Climate Emergency, what can Trade Unionist do to help? How do we tackle large fossil fuel emitters without workers & communities paying the price? What are the alternative solutions?

Join the briefing to find out more and participate to a discussion on do we involve more Trade Unions in the campaign.