Trial Support for Diana Warner after Drax train stopped in 2021

Tuesday 11 July

Leeds Crown Court, 1 Oxford Row, Leeds, GB, LS1 3BG

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Join Axe Drax and support Dr Diana Warner, a retired GP who in December 2021 was arrested for allegedly obstructing a Drax train on the way to Drax Power Station. She chose to skip a High Court hearing in London and headed north to make a stand against Drax.

Drax are not only the single biggest carbon emitter in the UK, but their practice of burning forests from across the globe have been time and time again been described by the communities affected as "environmental racism". Drax set up tree processing plants in communities that are poor and disproportionately BIPOC and are forcing people to be trapped in their own homes because of dangerous levels of pollution and are causing devastating and widespread sickness.

Dr Diana Warner has been called in front of the Leeds Crown Court to answer allegations of Obstructing a Railway and Aggravated Trespass, with a 3 day trial starting on 11th July. We'll be outside the court from 9:15am each day with a clear message: Drax are guilty!

Who are Axe Drax?

We are a network of groups and individuals that take action with 3 key demands of the government:


Governments and corporations be honest: biomass causes irreparable damage to the health of people and our life support systems. Classifying burning trees as renewable is a scam and the government is making us pay for it.


Remove the ££ billions in subsidies given to Drax and other biomass power stations in the UK. This money funds death and destruction around the world, harming POC and poorer communities the most whilst corporations profit. If we stop the money, we stop the destruction.


The £ billions given to biomass should be used to fund a just transition: furlough; retrain and transfer workers in the biomass industry; invest in education, affordable housing and health; fund genuine renewable energy. We must develop a plan of moving away from profit motives, which are fuelling the climate crisis, towards community based solutions.