The collective that oppose the company Drax. We are direct action groups, local campaigns and individuals.


Anyone can take action against Drax. We have no leaders. You don’t need to ask permission.

That being said, if you want help with an action or other plan then send an email to [email protected] and someone will try and link you up to other people.

Action Focused

We plan and do actions. We protest. We make noise. We get embarrassed. And when we must, we disrupt.

You don’t have to physically take part in any action, and you definitely don’t have to do anything illegal unless you want to. There are always thing to do, plan, organise that will need people. We are going up against the a climate wrecking billion dollar company that deploys every ‘lobbying technique’ in the book. It is going to take work.


  1. Tell the truth
  2. Defund Biomass
  3. Fund Community Solutions

Tell the truth

Biomass is not a renewable form of fuel. Destroying old growth forests for fuel is not sustainable. In the last year alone Drax received £832 million in subsidies from the UK government meant for renewables. This money, taken from the public, has been used to fund the destruction of forests and health world-wide. By classifying biomass as renewable this allows them to take billions from the public whilst destroying the planet. The government must be honest about the harm caused by biofuels, to the planet and people around the world.

It is time for governments and corporations to tell the truth about biomass.

Defund Biomass

Remove the £billions in subsidies given Drax and other biomass power stations around the UK. This money is used to fund death and destruction around the world, harming people of colour and poorer communities the most whilst corporations profit. If we stop the money we stop the train of destruction.

Fund Community Solutions

The £billions given to biomass should be used to fund a just transition: furlough; retrain and transfer workers in the biomass industry; invest in education, affordable housing and health; fund genuine renewable energy; develop a plan of de-growth moving away from profit motives fuelling the climate crisis towards community based solutions.

Stop Burning Trees Coalition

Axe Drax is a part of the Stop Burning Trees coalition. Read more on their website