Take Action

Upcoming actions:

Drax Blockade Defendant Support: Crown Court Trial


The following list is compiled of various suggestions and previously planned actions, so hopefully it is relevant.

We will be adding more as people take action - with the hope this will be a useful guide for people to start from.

Phone banking

Calling up a list of numbers, with optional prepared scripts. Generally the purpose is to strike a balance between education and annoyance.

Paint the Streets

Pick up some paints, stickers, posters or spray paint/chalk for a day or night of brightening the city or town you live in.

Banner Drop

Make and drop a banner in your local area. Can be done as a local group or just in your houshold.

Join Zoom calls

Pop in to talks and promotions hosted by Drax to educate fellow attendees. Good for practising outreach and media skills.

Social Media

Share and promote discussion around Drax. Often in conjunction with planned in person action.